Student Ambassadors


Become a student ambassador — represent and promote the International Conference within your community, win prizes along the way, and join the Business Today family!

Please fill out the interest form below, and download the media packet here. Before sending a question our way, please take a look at the readme.pdf, along with the FAQ below.

We look forward to meeting you.

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Who can become a Student Ambassador?

Anyone. This includes currently admitted students, previous conference attendees, or anyone interested in earning great prizes and promoting the conference.


What are the benefits of being a Student Ambassador?

Prizes! You can earn a variety of prizes including $100 (USD). Please refer to the bottom of this page for a complete list.


What are the responsibilities of a Student Ambassador?

Circulate promotional material within your community and encourage students to apply to attend the conference. If you have previously been involved with the International Conference or other events organized by Business Today, make sure to tell them about your personal experiences.


How do I become a Student Ambassador?

Complete the contact form above. We will then put you in touch with the program coordinator, who will distribute various promotional materials to you.


How does a Student Ambassador make sure he/she is being considered for prizes?

Prizes are given out on the basis of how many student referrals one obtained. To make sure this is tracked correctly, make sure referred students input the name of the ambassador into the corresponding question in their application.


Are Student Ambassadors eligible to attend the conference?

Yes, but make sure to apply just like any other conference candidate.


If I am a 2018 Student Ambassador, does that mean I am guaranteed to attend the conference?

Unfortunately, no. As mentioned above, ambassadors should apply just like anyone else and it is therefore possible not to be admitted. Nonetheless, Student Ambassadors will have the opportunity to be recognized by the International Conference.


Who should I contact if I have unanswered questions about the Student Ambassador Program?

Contact with a subject line containing [Student Ambassador] followed by your question.


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